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Brendan Schaub Likens Bo Nickal to Tim Tebow in the UFC

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub has drawn parallels between rising UFC prospect Bo Nickal and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow as the young fighter continues to make waves in the promotion. Nickal, who boasts an impressive 5-0 record in his mixed martial arts career, with all five victories secured via first-round finishes, is set to face his toughest challenge yet at UFC 300 when he takes on Cody Brundage.

Bo Nickal

While there is an expectation for Nickal to extend his undefeated streak, the pressure is on for the 28-year-old to deliver a spectacular performance in what could be a defining moment in his career. With the spotlight firmly on him, there is a buzz of anticipation surrounding Nickal's future in the UFC.

The hype surrounding Nickal has even caught the attention of renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan and former fighter Brendan Schaub. During a recent conversation, Schaub expressed his belief in Nickal's potential, likening him to Tim Tebow in the world of UFC.

"When is he [Bo Nickal] gonna get to a ranked guy?" Rogan questioned.
"I think the UFC knows he's gonna be champ, like, clear up and then we're gonna release the hounds," Schaub responded.

Rogan, recalling a previous podcast interview with Nickal, remarked on the fighter's rapid progress in striking skills. "When I had him on the podcast, he said he's only been striking for two years. Crazy. He looks great," Rogan noted.

Responding to Rogan's comments, Schaub further praised Nickal, saying,

"Isn't he the best? The best. He has it all. Check, check, check, check, checks all the boxes. He's the Tim Tebow of f***ing UFC."

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