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Breaking News: UFC's Rafael Fiziev Confirms 165-Pound Division!

UFC fighter Rafael Fiziev has revealed that the promotion is set to introduce a new 165-pound weight class, addressing a long-standing gap between the existing lightweight (155 pounds) and welterweight (170 pounds) divisions.

Rafael Fiziev

In a recent interview, Fiziev stated,

"This is not a rumor, this is already for sure as far as I know. I heard that this is already true and even they have already fought, they even identified something there, I heard. Yes."

When asked about his thoughts on competing in the new weight class, Fiziev expressed contentment with his current weight division. He mentioned,

"I feel good at [155]. I ate pasta during the week of the fight. I ate in Fight Week, even before the weigh-in. I’ve never had any issue with this. I just, out of discipline, sat down well before as I got a hold of it after the fight."

Fiziev highlighted his disciplined approach to weight management, indicating that he does not feel the need to move up to the 165-pound division. He emphasized the importance of self-control and moderation in his diet, which has made weight cutting easier for him in recent fights.

While the UFC has not officially confirmed the introduction of the 165-pound weight class, Fiziev's comments suggest that the promotion is seriously considering the change. If implemented, this new weight class could provide more opportunities for fighters looking to compete in a division that better suits their size and weight.


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