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Charles Radtke Sparks Controversy with Outspoken Post-Fight Remarks

Charles Radtke, known for his provocative behavior, made waves once again after his recent knockout victory over Gilbert Urbina at UFC Vegas 85. During his post-fight press conference, Radtke displayed his trademark mix of reflection and bravado before veering into unexpected territory.

Charles Radtke

When asked about his next fight and potential opponents, Radtke responded with a bold demand for payment, stating,

"How much money you got? That's what it is. You guys get these interviews for free. I need to get paid. Let's go."

He then abruptly ended the interview with a dismissive remark, indicating that he had no specific opponent in mind.

This incident follows Radtke's previous post-fight interview at UFC 293, where he used profanity and a homophobic slur. Despite his controversial remarks, Radtke showed some restraint in his latest interview, apologizing for his past behavior and attempting to censor himself.

Radtke's behavior continues to attract attention and controversy, raising questions about his future conduct and the impact of his outspoken persona on his career.


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