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Chris Curtis Expresses Concerns Over Torn Hamstring After UFC Vegas 90 Loss

Chris Curtis fear a Torn Hamstring
Chris Curtis

In a post-fight statement, Chris Curtis expressed concerns about a potential tore hamstring after his loss to Brendan Allen at UFC Vegas 90. Despite the defeat, Curtis hopes for a trilogy fight with Allen in the future.

Curtis (31-11) stepped in on short notice to face Allen (24-5) in the middleweight headliner at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. The fight went the distance, with Curtis believing he had done enough to secure the victory. However, the judges scored it in Allen's favor, leading to a split decision.

During the fight, Curtis believes he sustained a torn hamstring, adding to the disappointment of the loss. If confirmed, this injury could result in a lengthy recovery period, potentially altering Curtis's career trajectory at the age of 36.

Despite the setback, Curtis remains optimistic and expressed his desire for a trilogy fight with Allen in the future. Their previous encounter ended in a knockout win for Curtis in December 2021, making a potential third fight a compelling storyline for MMA fans.

In his Instagram post, Curtis reflected on the competitive nature of the bout with Allen, which many fighters and fans hailed as the Fight of the Year for 2024 so far. His positive attitude in the face of adversity highlights his resilience and determination in the sport.

The outcome of Curtis's injury assessment and the possibility of a trilogy fight with Allen adds an intriguing layer to the middleweight division, showcasing the ongoing rivalries and competitive spirit within the UFC.


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