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Colby Covington Claims Sean Strickland Under Investigation for Assault

The rivalry between Colby Covington and Sean Strickland has taken a contentious turn, with Covington alleging that Strickland is currently under investigation for assault. The two fighters, known for their outspoken nature, have been at odds with each other for some time, and this latest development adds fuel to the fire.

Colby Covington

During a recent interview on the SOSCAST podcast, Covington did not hold back in his criticism of Strickland. He claimed that Strickland, a former middleweight champion, is facing legal trouble for allegedly assaulting someone near his home.

Covington also took aim at Strickland's performance in the welterweight division, suggesting that his move to middleweight was prompted by an inability to compete at the higher weight class.

"He was a washout in my division, he couldn’t handle it. He got beat up, knocked out.
So he had to leave divisions because he couldn't cut it so you know, I think he's a bum, he's been hit in the head too many times, he's got CTE, straight up. Anything that guys says, you can't follow along," Covington said.

The allegations stem from a video that surfaced of Strickland confronting a person outside his home who was running from the police. While the incident was captured on video, Covington's claims about Strickland's alleged assault have not been corroborated by official sources.


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