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Derrick Lewis Opens Up About WWE Interest After UFC Victory

Heavyweight UFC fighter Derrick Lewis has expressed his interest in potentially joining the world of professional wrestling with WWE, adding another dimension to his already legendary career in mixed martial arts.

Derrick Lewis

Lewis recently bounced back from a loss to Jailton Almeida with a resounding TKO victory over Rodrigo Nascimento, showcasing his enduring skill and resilience in the octagon. While the win may not immediately propel him back into title contention, it served as a potent reminder of his formidable presence in the heavyweight division.

In a post-fight press conference following the UFC St. Louis event, Lewis revealed his aspirations beyond the realm of UFC, stating,

"I wouldn’t stop here at UFC, but I would like to dibble dabble in WWE." He humorously hinted at a potential persona, saying, "It’s probably going to be — you remember Gold Dust? Probably something like that.
As long as I get to paint my face so people don’t really know it’s me, I’m going to be a ho freak out there and be a little sassy with it."

UFC President Dana White expressed his support for Lewis's ambitions, stating,

"I didn’t know that, but I would do anything for Derrick Lewis. I like Derrick Lewis a lot. Some of the fighters here have always dreamed of a WWE match or whatever it is. Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that."

With Lewis's interest in WWE and the support of UFC's top brass, the door may be open for 'The Black Beast' to explore new avenues in his career, potentially bringing his unique charisma and fighting spirit to a different kind of stage.


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