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Elijah Thomas Makes Quick Work of Jordan Smith with First-Round KO at Beatdown Dothan 3

Elijah Thomas delivered a stunning performance against Jordan Smith at Beatdown Dothan 3. This 170-pound kickboxing contest, presented by Impact Promotions and showcased exclusively on Fight.TV, was a showcase of Thomas's skill and power as he secured victory in just 1 minute and 37 seconds of the first round.

From the opening bell, Thomas asserted his dominance, displaying superior speed and technique. Smith, a formidable opponent in his own right, tried to match Thomas's pace but found himself overwhelmed by Thomas's precision striking.

As the first round progressed, Thomas began to find his range, landing a series of devastating blows that rocked Smith. Sensing an opportunity, Thomas unleashed a barrage of strikes that left Smith staggering. With impeccable timing, Thomas delivered a final blow that sent Smith crashing to the canvas, unable to beat the referee's count.

The victory was a testament to Thomas's skill and preparation, showcasing his ability to finish a fight decisively and efficiently. Despite the loss, Smith showed great sportsmanship and resilience, earning the respect of the crowd and his opponent.


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