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Taking the Leap: Louie Lopez Steps Up for Short-Notice

Louie Lopez is no stranger to seizing the moment, and when opportunity came knocking with a chance to step back into the squared circle against UFC veteran Mike Trizano at BKFC 61, he didn't hesitate to answer.

Louie Lopez

Nicknamed "El Loco," Lopez is known for his calculated approach to his career, always weighing his options carefully. However, this time, the decision to accept the fight on short notice was an instinctual one.

"I did some digging and saw that my opponent has a strong martial arts background. I'm in great shape, so I couldn't resist the challenge of facing such a high-level fighter," Lopez explained.

The 32-year-old fighter from Great Falls, MT, sees numerous advantages in taking a fight on short notice.

"Eight weeks of training camp can be mentally and physically draining. This spontaneous opportunity allows me to just dive in and do what I do best," he said.

Lopez is confident that Trizano will need to make significant adjustments to his game plan to face him, and he doubts that Trizano will have enough time to do so.

When it comes to his prediction for the fight, Lopez envisions leaving the legendary Mohegan Sun with his fourth victory in the BKFC.

"I envision either a full-length battle or a second-round TKO in my favor," he declared. "If the fight doesn't end in the second round, I can easily see it going the distance, as my opponent is technically skilled.

"Whether it's a long fight or a quick finish, I'm prepared to give it my all."


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