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Jon Jones' Response to Drug Tester Threat Accusations!

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has responded to accusations of threatening a drug tester's life in Albuquerque. Reports from ABQ Raw detailed an altercation between Jones and the tester during a routine test, alleging Jones was intoxicated and made threats, even taking the tester's phone. The tester reportedly contacted local police after leaving Jones' residence.

Jon Jones

In response, Jones took to Instagram to deny the allegations, sharing video footage showing the testers leaving his home amicably. He admitted to using profanity out of frustration but emphasized there were no threats. Jones clarified that he was celebrating a friend's birthday at the time and criticized the tester's behavior as unprofessional and a breach of protocol and HIPAA laws.

“I want to address reports about me allegedly threatening a drug tester’s life and taking a phone, I want to clarify that there is a video showing both drug testers leaving my home after the testing session, where we exchanged a high five and a hug.
Although I was frustrated with the unprofessionalism and used profanity out of frustration it ended friendly and amicably, nothing threatening at all. I was actually celebrating a friend’s birthday party at my home, and I believe it’s perfectly normal to celebrate in the comfort of my own home.”
“I must say, this particular tester behaved quite unprofessionally and even breached standard protocol along with HIPAA laws. Throughout my 20 years of being subjected to drug tests, I have never encountered such an incident with a DCO officer before.”

Jones, who is preparing to defend his heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic this summer, expressed frustration with the incident, highlighting his clean record over 20 years of drug testing.


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