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LFA 130 Fight Card: Ksiazkiewicz vs. Gambulino set for April 22

LFA 130 combat games are ready to make a tale and which will be the first LFA event being in the Peace Garden State. This will also be the 27th state whose promotion has visited.

The main event will be medium weight when Canada's leading candidate Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz will compete with Brazil's leading Alessandro Gambulino. The entire Main Card will be available at the UFC Fight Pass around the world. ET. LFA 130 Friday April 22 is going to be held in New Town, North Dakota 4 beer in Casino and Lodge.

Ksiazkiewicz Back in 2020 Dana White's fighting on contender series and decided to be separated from Mario Sosa. Since then, he once fought, unified MMA banner got the nose out of the banner. He has been a pro for more than 10 years and He has always been close to making UFC but is just getting less. In this fight, it is competing from Gambulino.

The Brazilian won its last three battles and in his career, he has fought for significant promotions such as Future MMA, Jungle Fight, Brave CF, and XFC. It is being said, despite its extensive experience, there are no remarkable victories. Ksiazkiewicz open as a clear favorite in this fight and there is no reason to think that he will not win.

In the co-central competition, women's unbelievable stranger will compete with the Fighter Marnic Mann, from Kalsay Arnesen. The MMA is an excellent 4-0 in which it comes with all its wins, including the win in LFA's last firefight.

As far as Arnesen, she is concerned, She lost the current UFC Fighter Tabatha Ricci in her LFA Debu in 2020 before he nose Brittany Camozzi in LFA in her last fighter. Mann is the chart due to his unbeaten record, but Arnesen is better than difficulties.

Currently Announced Fight Card

Main Event

  • Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (9-1) vs. Alessandro Gambulino (12-3)

  • Marnic Mann (4-0) vs. Kelsey Arnesen (1-1)

  • Hilarie Rose (5-4) vs. Tiani Valle (3-3)

  • Gage Saunders (8-4) vs. Jalin Fuller (5-1)

  • Billy Elekana (3-0) vs. Kohlman Scribner (3-1)

  • Manatua Lemaire (3-0) vs. Daniel Gadley (4-1)

  • Jacob Hauk (4-4) vs. Nelly Thompson (5-2)


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