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Luis Palomino Aims High: Austin Trout Bout at BKFC 57 Marks the Beginning of Marquee Showdowns

BKFC 57 face off weigh in
Luis Palomino vs Austin Trout at BKFC 57

Luis Palomino, the BKFC lightweight champion, is gearing up for an impactful showdown at BKFC 57, where he headlines the event against former WBA champion Austin Trout. While Palomino has expressed some discontent with recent opportunities, he sees the Trout fight as a step in the right direction toward securing bouts with marquee names like Mike Perry, Eddie Alvarez, and Chad Mendes.

In an interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Palomino highlighted the significance of facing Trout, a two-time former WBA champion, as a good introduction to the bigger names he desires.

“This is definitely a high-profile name,” Palomino said. “This is a two-time former WBA champion. He brings all the eyes of the boxing community. (Mike) Perry and Eddie Alvarez they bring the eyes of the MMA community. Both communities are huge. Boxing is older than MMA. Over here, in Florida, the boxing community is huge. They all have all these old-school Cuban boxers and whatnot, and everybody is tuned in. This event is sold out."

Despite not securing the specific matchups he sought, Palomino sees the Trout fight as a positive start. Trout's accomplishments in glove boxing, including bouts against Canelo Alvarez and the Charlo brothers, make this bout a high-profile event.

Palomino's ambition for marquee matchups is clear, as he previously expressed a willingness to retire if he doesn't land the bigger names he's been asking for.

“I have six world title defenses. I’m the only undefeated, two-division undefeated champion. I’m out here raising my hand asking to fight all these high-profile names and willing to go three weight classes above. … I’m like, ‘Hey, man. Throw me a bone. I’m not just asking, I’ve earned it. I’m 9-0, undefeated, two-division champion. I’ve earned it, and that’s what I’m fighting for.”


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