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Max Holloway wishes Mark Coleman as the 'Real Life BMF' for UFC 300's Belt Presentation

Max Holloway would like honor Mark Coleman
Max Holloway

Max Holloway, the former UFC featherweight champion, has stirred excitement in the MMA community by advocating for a special figure to present the BMF belt at UFC 300, highlighting the resilience and grit of MMA legend Mark Coleman.

The BMF title, originally introduced for the UFC 244 clash between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, has become a symbol of toughness and honor in the octagon. As Holloway prepares to face Justin Gaethje for the BMF belt at UFC 300, he believes that Mark Coleman, a UFC Hall of Famer, is the ideal candidate to bestow this prestigious title upon the winner.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Holloway expressed his admiration for Coleman, especially in light of the challenges Coleman has faced, including a tragic house fire where he saved his parents but lost his beloved family dog, Hammer. Holloway stated, 

"The only correct answer is Mark Coleman... That’s a real-life BMF. That would be sick if he did it. It would be an honor to get him to do it."

The significance of Holloway's endorsement of Coleman extends beyond the symbolic presentation of the BMF title. It underscores the camaraderie and respect among fighters in the MMA community, highlighting the values of courage, resilience, and compassion that define true champions.

As the anticipation builds for UFC 300 and the showdown between Holloway and Gaethje, fans are not only looking forward to the explosive fight but also to the moment when the BMF title is bestowed upon the deserving winner by a legendary figure like Mark Coleman.

Holloway's sentiments reflect the essence of MMA, where titles and accolades hold meaning not just for the victories they represent but for the stories and individuals they honor along the way.

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