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Urijah Faber Returns to Combat: Facing Jeff Curran at A1 Combat 25

Urijah Faber returns
Urijah Faber

The MMA world is buzzing with excitement as Urijah Faber, a legendary figure in the sport and a UFC Hall of Famer, prepares to make a comeback in his own promotion, A1 Combat. 

The news of his return came during A1 Combat 19, setting the stage for a highly anticipated showdown against Jeff Curran in combat Brazilian jiu-jitsu on May 25, 2024, at A1 Combat 25, to be hosted at the Visalia Convention Center in California.

Faber's decision to come out of retirement has garnered immense attention, especially as he steps into the realm of combat jiu-jitsu against Curran. This move marks a unique blend of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA, allowing competitors to utilize open-hand strikes to create submission opportunities or inflict damage.

The matchup between Faber and Curran isn't a new one; they previously clashed back in 2007 at WEC 31, where Faber successfully defended his WEC Featherweight championship with a second-round submission. Their bout was a thrilling encounter that earned them the accolade of "Fight of the Night," showcasing their skill and determination inside the cage.

At 44 years old, Faber may have taken a break from MMA since his knockout loss against Petr Yan at UFC 245, but he has remained active in competitive grappling, participating in jiu-jitsu matches post-retirement. This experience ensures that Faber is no stranger to the intensity and technicality of competitive grappling, making his return to combat jiu-jitsu all the more intriguing.

Fans are eager to see Faber back in action, especially against a seasoned competitor like Curran. As the countdown to A1 Combat 25 begins, anticipation builds for a night of thrilling combat and a showcase of skill from two MMA veterans.


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