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Ryan Garcia's Surprising Admission About Floyd Mayweather!

Ryan Garcia's admiration for Floyd Mayweather Jr. extends beyond mere association, as revealed in a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David on the PBD Podcast. The junior welterweight contender from Victorville, Calif., spoke candidly about his close friendship with "Money May," emphasizing his deep respect for the Hall of Fame fighter, which surpasses that of most people, even within his inner circle.

Ryan Garcia

When asked by Bet-David which high-profile person in his life had the authority to offer him harsh, unfiltered criticism, Garcia immediately named Mayweather.

"Floyd," Garcia said. "I don’t really speak when Floyd’s talking. And I speak a lot. I’m a big talker. I don’t speak when Floyd’s talking. He tells me a bunch of things. I just shut up. Floyd can talk."

Garcia continued to express his reverence for Mayweather, noting that the boxing legend has called him, Canelo Alvarez, and Gervonta Davis the "three faces of boxing."

However, not everyone has welcomed Garcia's close relationship with Mayweather. Oscar De La Hoya, Garcia's longtime promoter at Golden Boy, has expressed concern, with a recent social media post telling Mayweather to "f--- off." De La Hoya and Mayweather have had a longstanding feud since their days as active fighters.

Despite his respect for Mayweather, Garcia acknowledged that not all of Mayweather's advice has led to positive outcomes. Mayweather advised Garcia to prioritize a fight with Rolando Romero over talks with WBC 140-pound titlist Devin Haney, suggesting that beating Romero first could lead to a bigger unification fight with Haney.

However, Romero went on to sign a fight with Isaac Cruz, prompting Garcia to resume talks with Haney.

Garcia also shared a memorable moment from a morning run with Mayweather, which he initiated. Mayweather expressed his respect for Garcia, saying, "I respect you," in a rare emotional moment. Garcia was deeply moved by Mayweather's words, highlighting their close bond and Mayweather's pride in his dedication to training.

The relationship between Garcia and Mayweather continues to be a topic of interest in the boxing world, showcasing the influence and impact of their connection on both their personal and professional lives.


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