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Sadibou Sy's Move to Light Heavyweight: The Quest for a New Challenge

Sadibou Sy is moving up to Light Heavyweight
Sadibou Sy

Sadibou Sy, the 2022 PFL welterweight champion, is gearing up for a fresh challenge in the light heavyweight division for the upcoming season, leaving behind the grueling weight cuts of the past.

Sy's decision to move up in weight comes after a successful run at welterweight, where he claimed the championship and nearly secured back-to-back titles in 2023. However, the toll of cutting 30-35 pounds multiple times within a short span took a significant toll on his body and recovery.

"It was just grueling cutting 30-35 pounds each fight. So now, a lot more fun," Sy expressed during a media scrum, highlighting the physical strain of making weight at welterweight.

The move to light heavyweight marks Sy's third division under the PFL banner, showcasing his versatility and willingness to challenge himself in different weight classes. Previously competing at middleweight and then welterweight, Sy found his stride in 2022, culminating in a championship victory.

Reflecting on his decision, Sy admitted that winning another welterweight title might have altered his plans, but ultimately, he's excited about the new opportunities and challenges awaiting him in the heavier division.

"I love it... For me, it’s fun to come into the division and actually face a guy that’s been proven in the division," Sy shared, expressing his enthusiasm for facing seasoned opponents and showcasing his skills in a new weight class.

Sy's light heavyweight journey kicks off on April 12 against Josh Silveira, a formidable opponent who brings experience from competing for the light heavyweight championship in the previous season.

As Sy transitions to light heavyweight, fans and critics alike are eager to witness his performance and how he adapts to the challenges of facing bigger opponents, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead in the PFL.


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