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Georges Saint Pierre Analyzes Potential Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight: 'I Would Have Beat Him'

Georges Saint Pierre hints out Khabib fight strategy
Georges Saint Pierre

Georges Saint Pierre, the legendary UFC fighter, recently shared insights into how he believes he could have emerged victorious in a matchup against the formidable Khabib Nurmagomedov, expressing confidence in his abilities.

In a discussion on the Pound 4 Pound podcast, St-Pierre conveyed his belief that while Nurmagomedov was a formidable opponent, he had the skills and strategy to secure a win if they had faced off in the octagon.

"I think I would have beat him because if he would have come to put pressure on me, I would have put him down," St-Pierre stated, highlighting his proactive and dynamic approach to grappling, which he believed would have been advantageous in a fight against Nurmagomedov.

St-Pierre's analysis delves into the strategic aspects of a potential fight, focusing on his ability to maintain offensive pressure and utilize his grappling skills effectively, particularly in contrast to Nurmagomedov's style of fighting near the fence.

While acknowledging Nurmagomedov's impressive career and undefeated record, St-Pierre pointed out potential strategies that could have been employed by fighters like Justin Gaethje to disrupt Nurmagomedov's rhythm and pressure tactics.

“I think most guys that fought Khabib were afraid of Khabib’s takedowns, so they were fighting on their heels and they were getting backed up to the wall,” St-Pierre continued.

“Another guy who did well is Gaethje, Gaethje in the beginning did very well. Kick, punch, he did very well until similar story, things start to not go well and then everything falls apart.”

The discussion sheds light on the tactical nuances of MMA matchups and offers fans a deeper understanding of how elite fighters like St-Pierre approach potential challenges in the octagon.

While a fight between St-Pierre and Nurmagomedov never materialized, the insights shared by St-Pierre provide intriguing insights into the mindset and strategies of top-tier UFC athletes.


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