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Logan Paul Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles Amid CryptoZoo Fallout

Logan Paul Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles
Logan Paul

Logan Paul, the social media sensation and WWE star, recently revealed the depths of his mental health struggles during a tumultuous period linked to the fallout from his controversial CryptoZoo venture.

In an emotional interview with Graham Bensinger, Paul candidly discussed the impact of the CryptoZoo scandal, which resulted in lawsuits and accusations of fraud, plunging him into a dark and difficult headspace.

"The pit of despair I was in over Christmas time was caused by a YouTuber accusing me of scamming," Paul shared, reflecting on the intense pressure and scrutiny he faced during that period.

Paul recounted a moment of crisis during a trip to Denmark with his then-girlfriend Nina Agdal, where he experienced a mental breakdown and grappled with suicidal thoughts for the first time in his life.

"I was in a pretty dark spot... I was seeing some dark s***. I was spiraling. I'm just crying, sobbing," Paul revealed, highlighting the severity of his emotional turmoil.

However, with Agdal's support and the aid of anti-anxiety medication, Paul was able to navigate through his darkest moments and begin the process of healing.

The CryptoZoo debacle not only took a toll on Paul's mental well-being but also challenged his public persona and sense of responsibility as a public figure.

"I felt weak, which is uncommon for me," Paul admitted, acknowledging the vulnerability he experienced amidst the crisis.

Despite the challenges, Paul took steps to address the situation by initiating a buyback program to reimburse investors and pursuing legal action against those he deemed responsible for the ordeal.

The interview with Bensinger provided a rare glimpse into Paul's struggles and the complexities of dealing with public scrutiny and personal accountability in the digital age.

Paul's story underscores the importance of mental health awareness and the impact of high-stakes situations on individuals, even those in the public eye.


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