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SHOCKING! Dana White calls Jon Jones a "Scumbag" in old text

Recently unsealed documents have brought to light a striking text conversation between UFC CEO Dana White and then-UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta. The exchange, dating back to May 2014, revolves around negotiations for a light heavyweight title rematch between then-champion Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

The rivalry between Jones and Gustafsson began with their initial encounter in September 2013, a bout that eventually earned a place in the UFC Hall of Fame's Fight Wing. Jones emerged victorious in that fight via unanimous decision. However, when the UFC sought to arrange a rematch, Jones was at odds with the promotion regarding his contract and expressed a preference for facing Daniel Cormier instead of granting Gustafsson an immediate rematch.

“What’s up with Jones? Did he straighten up or is he still being a scumbag?” White texted then-UFC Chairman Fertitta in a message recently unsealed as part of the UFC antitrust lawsuit. (Reps for Jones and the UFC did not respond to a request for comment.)
“Still a douche, but we’re inching closer,” Fertitta responded. “Haven’t moved on money, but sent the letter with an ultimatum.”
“Awesome,” White responded. “F*** that punk, Lorenzo. He needs to know we don’t need him, or he will f*** us over more than he already does.”

White and Fertitta, in response to Jones's stance, exchanged candid messages that have now come to light as part of the UFC antitrust lawsuit. In one text, White asked Fertitta about Jones's behavior, referring to him as a "scumbag." Fertitta responded, describing Jones as "still a douche" but indicated that they were making progress in negotiations despite not reaching an agreement on financial terms.

White's frustration with Jones was evident in his message, expressing a strong stance against what he perceived as Jones's attempts to leverage his position. Fertitta echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the UFC's willingness to stand firm in negotiations.

Ultimately, Jones secured a fight with Daniel Cormier in early 2015, achieving his desired outcome. He went on to win the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship clash against Cormier via unanimous decision. However, his rematch with Gustafsson did not occur until late 2018, where Jones emerged victorious once again, this time with a third-round knockout.

The unsealed texts shed light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations and tensions within the UFC, providing a glimpse into the complexities of fighter promotions and contract negotiations within the world of mixed martial arts.


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