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UFC Veteran Alexander Gustafsson Open to Potential Return to the Octagon

Former UFC light heavyweight standout Alexander Gustafsson has left the door open for a potential return to active competition, despite being on a four-fight losing streak in his recent outings.

Gustafsson, known for his impressive skills in the octagon, came close to capturing the UFC championship during his career. However, he fell short of claiming the title, though he remains highly respected within the MMA community.

The Swedish fighter's last appearance was a knockout loss to Nikita Krylov in the summer of 2022. Since then, Gustafsson has been out of the spotlight, leading to speculation about his future in the sport. As he approaches his 37th birthday next week, Gustafsson has provided an update on his plans.

"I’m going to be here much more now and focus a little bit on myself and my own training and mainly get back in shape," Gustafsson revealed to Frontkick Online. "I don’t think about the competing part so much. If it comes, it comes, so time will tell."

Despite his current focus on personal training, Gustafsson expressed his love for the sport and his willingness to consider a return to the octagon if the right opportunity arises.

"If a fight is on the table, let’s talk about that and see how it feels and take it from there," Gustafsson stated. "I have the contract with the UFC. I have been with the UFC since 2009, so it’s been a while. I’m still in the business. I’m still under contract. If I fight, it would be in the UFC."

Gustafsson's comments suggest that while he is not actively seeking a fight at the moment, he remains open to the possibility of making a comeback to the UFC if the circumstances align.


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