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Zhang Weili Retains Strawweight Title at UFC 300 via Unanimous Decision Win Over Yan Xiaonan

Zhang Weili celebrates her win
Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaona at UFC 300

In a bout that showcased both resilience and skill, Zhang Weili defended her UFC Strawweight title in the co-main event of UFC 300 with a near finish and a decisive unanimous decision victory over Yan Xiaonan.

The fight marked a historic moment as it was the first title clash between Chinese athletes in UFC history. Zhang started strong, showcasing her power with every punch, while Yan demonstrated composure, countering effectively with stiff shots.

The turning point came in the first round when Zhang nearly secured a submission victory with a rear-naked choke. Despite appearing momentarily unconscious, Yan survived the round, showcasing her toughness and determination.

As the fight progressed, Yan staged a comeback, but Zhang's wrestling and grappling expertise allowed her to dictate the pace and control the ground game. The judges unanimously scored the fight 49-45 in favor of Zhang, acknowledging her dominance throughout the bout.

Reflecting on the tough battle, Zhang praised Yan's resilience, expressing respect and a desire for friendship post-fight. 

"She’s so tough," Zhang remarked. "I have so much respect for her. I would like for us to be good friends after the fight."

The fight showcased Zhang's versatility, transitioning from striking to grappling with ease. She constantly pressured Yan, alternating between submission attempts and ground-and-pound, showcasing her well-rounded skill set.

Despite Yan's spirited efforts, Zhang's dominance prevailed, solidifying her position as one of UFC's most formidable champions in the strawweight division. With this victory, Zhang not only eliminates another top contender but also sets the stage for future challenges in her quest to retain the 115-pound belt.

The UFC 300 event witnessed a thrilling clash, highlighting the resilience, skill, and sportsmanship of both Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan in a memorable title bout.


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