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A Look Into The Potential Matchroom vs. Queensberry Event

In the high-octane world of professional boxing, a groundbreaking idea has set the stage for an unprecedented showdown. The sport, known for its fierce individual rivalries between boxers and promoters alike, could about to witness a historic collaborative spectacle: the five vs five fight card orchestrated by rivals turned potential collaborators, Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing and Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions.

Rivals turned collaborators? Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren at the 'Day of Reckoning' show
Rivals turned collaborators? Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren at the 'Day of Reckoning' show

The concept of a five vs five fight card is a refreshing twist in the traditional boxing narrative, especially given the history between not just these two men, but their family name. The partnership between Matchroom and Queensberry, often seen as rivals vying for the top spot in boxing promotions, adds an intriguing layer to this event.

To be set against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia, a nation rapidly emerging as a global hotspot for boxing, this card would break ground waves in the scene.

Riyadh has been strategically positioning itself as a new mecca for boxing, putting on some heavy hitting shows, none bigger than the recent 'Day of Reckoning', which saw some of the biggest names in the scene, on one card.


A potential match between Callum Smith and Anthony Yarde could be a headline show, as suggested by Eddie Hearn, both with their defeats to Artur Beterbiev in recent times, both domestically backed fighters and both hungry to climb to the top of the division. This would be one hell of a show, with two very different styles clashing.

Another potential match-up garnering attention is between Nick Ball and Raymond Ford with both fighters rapidly becoming rising stars in the boxing world, both known for their skill, agility, and determination. Ball, known for having the more aggressive style and strong resilience, will potentially face Ford, who is celebrated by his fans for his sharp technique and strategic approaches he takes into the ring. This bout could be a classic showdown of power versus precision and an exciting edition to the 5v5 card.

This collaboration could revolutionize how boxing promotions operate going forward, creating a more sustainable and accesable world for boxing fans. By showing that even the fiercest of rivals can work together for the greater good of the sport and create good shows for the consumers, Hearn and Warren are setting a new precedent with their hand shook agreement to put on this show. Their partnership could inspire other promoters and stakeholders in boxing to explore similar collaborations, leading to a more unified and prosperous boxing community. But let us know what you think! Join the conversation below in the comments!


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