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Adam Azim Defeats Santos Reyes in Action-Packed Boxing Bout

In the highly anticipated boxing match between Adam Azim and Santos Reyes, the two fighters put on a thrilling show for the fans. The fight was filled with twists and turns as both fighters attempted to gain the upper hand.

Round 2 saw a change in Azim's approach as he tried to keep Reyes away with his jab. On the other hand, Reyes came out flying, looking to go big or go home with some big haymakers. However, this approach backfired as Reyes walked straight into one of Azim's shots, which sent him to the canvas.

In Round 3, Reyes seemed to have recovered from the previous round's knockdown and Azim maintained his strategy of waiting for an opening. The gung-ho approach of Reyes seemed to have been put back in the locker for another day.

Round 5 saw both fighters exchange jabs, with Reyes landing some shots that rocked Azim. When Azim allowed Reyes in close, he was capable of hitting him with big hits, but he needed to work on that.

Round 6 saw Azim trying to come at Reyes more, looking to hurt him with big shots and combos. Reyes proved to be a tough opponent, able to take the hits and keep coming. This made the fight very open.

In Round 7, Reyes caught Azim with a good left hand, which caught him off guard and rocked him back. However, Azim recovered quickly and laughed at Reyes, which might have given the South American fighter some confidence.

Round 8 was the longest Azim had gone in a fight and he was still being cautious and biding his time. He landed some big body shots, but they didn't seem to be hurting Reyes, who was just absorbing his opponent's punches.

For the final round, Azim started coming on the front foot, following his jab with big uppercuts. Unfortunately, they were missing their mark, but Reyes was able to take the blows when they landed. Despite having a couple of big swings, Reyes was unable to knock Azim down, and the fight ended with a unanimous decision in favor of Azim.

In the post-fight interview with Sky Sports, Azim first took the time to address the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria and how we need to help the people in need. When asked about the fight, Azim stated that it was a hard fight and not many people would go up against someone who was 12-0. He also mentioned that he thought Reyes was done after the first shot he landed and that South American fighters are very tough.

Overall, it was a great fight and both fighters put on a fantastic show for the fans.


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