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Alan Belcher Stripped of BKFC Heavyweight Title, Awaits Return to the Ring

In a surprising turn of events, Alan Belcher, the reigning BKFC heavyweight champion, has been stripped of his title just four months after claiming the prestigious honor. BKFC President David Feldman announced on Tuesday, leaving fans and fighters alike stunned by the decision.

The stripping of Belcher's title came as a consequence of his recent commitment to a boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr., slated to take place on July 22 as part of the highly anticipated Misfits Boxing event. It seems that this clash conflicted with BKFC's plans for Belcher and his much-anticipated title defense, leading to the unfortunate decision to strip him of his crown.

Instead of crowning an interim champion, BKFC will now seek to determine a new heavyweight king in the coming weeks through a yet-to-be-announced fight.

However, despite the setback, 38-year-old UFC veteran Alan Belcher will remain a vital part of the BKFC roster and is still expected to make a triumphant return to the promotion shortly. Belcher's foray into the bare-knuckle fighting realm has been nothing short of remarkable, especially considering his retirement and more than five years away from competitive action.

Known for his prowess as a middleweight in the MMA scene, Belcher made a bold decision to re-enter the combat sports arena as a heavyweight. The gamble paid off handsomely, as he quickly notched three consecutive victories, including two knockout wins, which ultimately earned him the opportunity to vie for the BKFC heavyweight championship.

Belcher's crowning moment came when he delivered a third-round knockout blow to the former champion, Arnold Adams, securing the title for himself.

Rumors had been swirling regarding a potential matchup between Belcher and fellow UFC veteran Ben Rothwell, but unfortunately, that fight failed to materialize. Nonetheless, Belcher remains undeterred as he prepares to showcase his skills in the boxing ring this July, while BKFC sets its sights on determining a new champion in the heavyweight division.

As the BKFC landscape undergoes changes, fans and fighters eagerly await the outcome of the upcoming fight that will establish a new era in the organization's heavyweight division. Meanwhile, Alan Belcher's journey as a bare-knuckle warrior continues, as he aims to prove himself not only within the squared circle but also as a formidable force in BKFC's ranks.

In a sport where surprises abound, the stripped champion's story is far from over, and fight enthusiasts everywhere eagerly anticipate his return to the ring, where he will undoubtedly leave his mark once again.

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Oct 28, 2023

Belcher is obviously on some real strong "juice". To be ripped like that at a much heavier weight than he was in UFC days when he had flab. He's on that good stuff, where can we get some, Alan???

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