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Alberto Ramos: The new man in charge in Boxrec's Mexican region.

Alberto Ramos has been editor in Boxrec recording Mexico's event results for a couple of years now and since he's been in, big changes have been made, I'd say positive changes in Mexico's boxing. If you go back 5 years ago, Mexico was a place were you could build a record for cheap compared to other countries. Promotors would have uneven fights so foreigners could rack up some wins. Now that has changed due to the fact that Boxrec has gotten very strict on the fights being even. Its been a team effort but Ramos has had alot to do with it. Ramos is set to clean up Mexico's image in boxing, making it hard on those who are involved with the boxing tourism that has plagued México's boxing. Its now hard for foreigners trying to build a record for cheap and worst of all the fights must be even (at least on paper). So there is no easy way now to build a record without putting the work in. They are also asking for video footage of the fights to spot fights that could be a fraud. Its a tiresome job but Ramos loves boxing and he knows México is one of the countries that produce the most champions, specially in the lighter divisions. All these positive changes will only make Mexico's boxing level go up. Due to these changes foreigners have chosen to go to other countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Belize and Argentina for their boxing tourism. In those countries it costs less than in México, but lets be honest , those countries dont have the boxing credibility that Mexico has. Some will do or pay whatever to rack them wins and hope the big payday comes. I personally agree with the work Ramos and Boxrec are doing in México, looking at it from a fighters prespective there are way less tragedies from even fights. So Im always going to be in favor with fighters safety. I want to say congrats for the good work and thanks for looking out for fighters safety. We have to protect fighters because they are the ones who put on the show, remember that. Good job Boxrec and Ramos!


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