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Alexander Volkanovski seen partying with Shaquille O'Neal,

UFC 290 was a night to remember for MMA fans, as it delivered some of the most spectacular finishes and performances in the history of the sport. The main event saw Alexander Volkanovski, the undisputed featherweight champion, take on Yair Rodriguez, the interim champion, in a highly anticipated clash.

Volkanovski showed why he is one of the best fighters in the world, as he dominated Rodriguez from start to finish, landing powerful strikes and takedowns, and eventually stopping him with a barrage of punches in the third round. Volkanovski retained his title and extended his winning streak to 20 fights.

After such an impressive victory, Volkanovski deserved to celebrate, and he did so in style. He went to a club where he met none other than Shaquille O'Neal, the legendary NBA star and DJ.

Shaq, who goes by DJ Diesel when he's spinning tunes, invited Volkanovski to join him on stage, where they danced and had fun together. Volkanovski posted a video of their encounter on his Instagram, where he thanked Shaq for his hospitality and support.

It was a surreal moment to see the 5'6" Volkanovski and the 7'1" Shaq share the spotlight, as they represent two different sports and sizes. But they also share a common passion for MMA, as Shaq is a longtime fan and friend of many fighters. He even has his own MMA gym in his house, where he trains with some of the best coaches and fighters in the world.


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