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Anderson Silva KO's Tito Ortiz

Two MMA legends went at it tonight, but it was the spider who came out victorious. He actually pulled off a first round 1:21 KO! Tito made the mistake of pursuing Silva and trying to corner him, head hunting with haymakers right off rip.

Silva showcased his historic stone faced minimal effort put forward style to pull off a Knockout! Silva didn't even break a sweat it looked like.

This fight was awesome. Old head MMA fans who got to see these guys capture titles in their glory days got to see them box! This was too cool.

It's hard to say what's next for them. It's obvious Silva can continue boxing of he wants to. Ortiz ofcourse can too off his legacy alone but he will need to really show out if he chooses to pursue another boxing match.

Who do you think Silva and Ortiz should face next? Fight.TV wants to know!


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