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Arman Tsarukyan and Diego Lopes Face Potential Discipline After UFC 300 Altercations

Arman Tsarukyan and Diego Lopes to face fines
Arman Tsarukyan and Diego Lopes

Arman Tsarukyan and Diego Lopes are facing potential disciplinary action following their involvement in separate altercations at UFC 300, held in Las Vegas. During a recent meeting with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it was disclosed that both fighters had a portion of their purses withheld pending a full disciplinary hearing scheduled for May.

Arman Tsarukyan, who earned $158,000 for his victory over Charles Oliveira, had $31,600 withheld from his purse, representing 20 percent of his earnings. This action stemmed from an altercation Tsarukyan had with a fan during his walk to the octagon. Despite the fan's decision not to press charges, the commission opted to withhold a portion of Tsarukyan's purse.

Diego Lopes, who received $100,000 for his knockout win over Sodiq Yusuff, had $5,000 withheld after he jumped into the crowd following his victory, an action he was specifically advised against. Despite UFC CEO Dana White allegedly signaling his willingness to cover the fine, part of Lopes' purse was still withheld by the commission.

Both fighters will face a full disciplinary hearing in May, where further action may be taken based on the commission's review of the incidents. In the case of Tsarukyan, the commission requested video evidence to review the altercation before deciding on potential punishment.

As the situation unfolds, fans await the outcome of the disciplinary hearings, which will determine the consequences for Tsarukyan and Lopes following their actions at UFC 300.


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