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Ben Askren's Theory Behind Jamahal Hill's UFC 300 Result

Former Bellator and ONE champion Ben Askren recently offered his insights on Jamahal Hill's performance at UFC 300, suggesting that the former light heavyweight champion's overconfidence may have contributed to his defeat.

Ben Askren

Hill, who headlined the milestone pay-per-view event, entered the Octagon with a bold demeanor, firm in his belief that he would emerge victorious against the titleholder, Alex Pereira. Despite Pereira's formidable reputation, heightened by his collection of the vacant title due to injury, Hill exuded confidence, dismissing predictions of his downfall.

However, the bout took a swift turn, with Hill succumbing to Pereira's renowned left hook just over three minutes into the fight. Askren, reflecting on the event during a recent episode of his Funky & the Champ YouTube show alongside Daniel Cormier, attributed Hill's defeat to an excess of confidence and ego.

Askren highlighted Hill's pre-fight demeanor, particularly his confident stance and theatrical break of Pereira's arrow, as indicative of an inflated ego that may have led to his downfall.

"My general feeling on that fight, I thought Jamahal Hill was a little too confident, saying he could stand with him," Askren remarked.

He continued, "I feel, honestly — hopefully your buddy (Hill) doesn't get too mad at you for this — my feeling? Ego. Ego gets involved in fighters," suggesting that Hill's disregard for Pereira's striking power and insistence on his own abilities may have put him in harm's way.


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