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Best Chin In MMA - By The Data

This graph got pulled off the MMA subreddit r/MMA and the numbers check out. It's very interesting because it really puts into perspective how badass some of our favorite fighters are.

Max Holloway leading the pack at almost twice the other top chins average headstrikes absorbed to not being even knocked down! With a record of 22-6-0, you know Max has to be an absolute monster to eat punches like that.

Angela Hill coming in at number 2! Angela has a fight record of 13-10-0 and eats punches like no other in the womens divisions.

Jon Bones Jones coming in at number 7! Not only that but he's a heavyweight, the size of guys that really throw power behind their hits. So to be that highly ranked on this scale, it's no secret why he's one of the best pound per pound ranked fighters in the world!

What do you think about this elaborate graph MMAI brought us? We love it!


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