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Bianca Basilio Submits Nanami Ichikawa in Record Time at ONE Fight Night 22

Bianca Basilio back in winning column
Bianca Basilio

In a stunning display of elite Jiu-Jitsu prowess, Bianca Basilio left spectators in awe at ONE Fight Night 22 on May 3rd, 2024, as she secured a lightning-fast victory over Nanami Ichikawa, sending a clear message to the entire ONE Championship grappling division.

Basilio, who had a mixed record in her previous bouts under the promotion, showcased her determination and skill in this match. After starting her ONE Championship journey with a submission win against Milena Sakumoto, she faced a tough challenge against Tammi Musumeci in her next outing, ending with a close decision loss.

Eager to bounce back from that setback, Basilio came into the fight against Ichikawa with a focused mindset. She wasted no time asserting her dominance, swiftly transitioning to Ichikawa's back and locking in a tight rear-naked choke within 30 seconds of the opening bell. The referee had to intervene just 35 seconds into the match as Ichikawa succumbed to the submission, rendering her unconscious.

The victory not only marked a remarkable comeback for Basilio but also hinted at potential future matchups within the promotion. With her impressive performance, a rematch with Tammi Musumeci seems like a tantalizing prospect, showcasing a rivalry that fans would eagerly anticipate. Additionally, the prospect of a matchup with Liisi Vaht, who has also been making waves recently, adds another layer of excitement to Basilio's future in the ONE Championship.

Basilio's lightning-quick victory serves as a reminder of her elite grappling skills and places her firmly in the spotlight as a force to be reckoned with in the ONE Championship grappling scene.


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