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Big John Fury.

John Fury was a professional boxer who competed in the heavyweight division from 1987 to 1995. He had a record of 8 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw, with 4 wins by knockout. He was the father of Tyson Fury and Tommy Fury, both of whom followed his footsteps into the boxing ring. John Fury’s boxing career was marked by highs and lows, as he faced some notable opponents and also suffered some devastating defeats.

Fury began his boxing career in April 1987, when he lost to rugby league player Adam Fogerty in his debut fight. He then went on to win his next six fights, including a victory over Michael Murray, who later challenged for the British title. Fury also fought in Finland, where he drew with David Hopkins in a close contest. In March 1990, Fury got his first and only title shot, when he fought for the vacant Central Area title against Neil Malpass. However, he lost on points after a hard-fought battle.

Fury’s career took a downward turn after his title loss, as he faced two future world champions in his next two fights. In October 1990, he fought Henry Akinwande, who would later win the WBO title. Fury was knocked out in the second round by Akinwande’s powerful punches. In June 1991, he fought Steve Garber, who would later win the WBC title. Fury was knocked out again in the fourth round by Garber’s speed and accuracy.

Fury then took a four-year hiatus from boxing, during which he focused on his family and business. He returned to the ring in June 1995, hoping to revive his career. However, he faced Steve Garber again, who had improved since their first encounter. Fury was knocked out for the third time in his career, this time in the first round. This was Fury’s last fight, as he decided to retire from boxing at the age of 31.

John Fury’s boxing career was not very successful, as he failed to win any titles or beat any top-level opponents. However, he showed courage and determination in his fights, and he inspired his sons to become better boxers than him. John Fury is now a boxing cornerman and trainer, who supports and guides his sons in their careers. He is also a media personality and a celebrity, who often gives interviews and opinions on boxing matters. John Fury is a proud father and a passionate boxing fan, who still loves the sport that shaped his life.


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