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Big John McCarthy On Gable Stevenson Leads To Twitter Rabbit Hole

Big John McCarthy has found himself at the end of professional wrestling fans swords. He was making a statement about recent Olympic wrestling phenom Gable Stevenson's pondering over a career in WWE or UFC and said -

"Yeah it’s been done before, but ask Kurt what’s a regret he has & not competing in MMA would be one. Don’t take great athletiç ability and all those years of training and throw them away to be a stuntman that loses when the boss says you lose. You can always do fake stuff later."

WWE & fight fans didn't take too kindly to hearing Big John call their beloved pass time fake. After many comments and some exchanged words Big John came back out and said

"You are absolutely right, when I say fake, I am not talking about the bumps and falls and all of the athleticism it takes to do what is done in Pro Wrestling. I am talking about Pre-Determined outcomes, where true talent can take a back seat to a whim.. I stand corrected"

We forgive you Big John, the outcomes of professional wrestling are fake and you can acknowledge that fact while simultaneously respecting professional wrestling and it's athleticism / showmanship.

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