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Breidis Prescott

It was the year 2008, in Manchester England the rather unknown Colombian boxer Breidis Prescott presented himself, who had an undefeated record of 19-0-17kos, despite his undefeated record, everyone thought that he would be defeated by the undefeated prospect and ex olimpian Amir Khan, But that August 6, 2008 Prescott surprised the entire United Kingdom and the world by knocking out Amir Khan in the first round with that victory Prescott was crowned WBO Intercontinental lightweight champion.

After that victory many thought that Breidis Prescott would have a successful career, after the victory over Amir Khan he beat Humberto Toledo and in his next fight he would lose his undefeated record against Miguel Vazquez.

He would travel to the United Kingdom again, but this result would be unfortunate because he would lose to Kevin Mitchell, after that loss he would have 3 wins in a row against unknown rivals. After those 3 wins, he would have a new important opportunity when he fought for a WBA World Championship eliminator in England but the result was negative after losing to Paul McCloskey in a close decision.

At that time his record was 24 wins 3 losses, today he has a record of 31 wins and 22 losses, that is sad because he has only been able to win 7 of his last 26 fights. Within their last 26 fights he had as rivals Mike Alvarado to whom he lost by knockout (in that fight the IBF Latino title was at stake) Terrence Crawford, with whom he would lose by unanimous decision Roberto Garcia to whom he lost by unanimous decision Subriel Matias before whom he would fall knocked out in 4 rounds and would be knocked out in 1 round by Yair Gallardo, a boxer who only had 1 professional fight, and in his last fight he fell to Samuel Arnold by knockout in the first round. Breidis Prescott from knocking out Amir Khan, to being done having 10 losses in a row.


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