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Cain Velasquez Speaks About his Time in Jail for First Time

The former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has given the details of his time in jail for the first time since coming out of detention last month.

The UFC legend Velasquez had remained in the headline for the most part of 2022 for all the wrong reasons. In February, Velasquez was arrested after his alleged attempt to kill his child’s molester, Harry Goularte.

Velasquez shot a bullet at Goularte which escaped him but found the shoulder of his Dad who was sitting beside him in the car. After the scene, Police arrived and took Velasquez in the custody for charges of attempted murder.

The 40-year-old remained in jail for 8 months before finally securing his bail for $1 million. The former heavyweight champ has spoken for the first time narrating his story in the lock-up.

“They had me in protective custody. It was very low-key. Only a few people that I was able to kind of hang out with and I guess the good thing about it is you got a lot of alone time with yourself and the bad thing about it was you got a lot of alone time with yourself.” Velasquez said while talking at K100 w/ Konnan & Disco podcast.

Velasquez participated at last month’s AAA Worldwide event after not competing since 2019.

“It was crazy man… Probably the worst I’ve ever felt physically, mentally doing something… I feel like there was such a standstill, my body and my mind.”

Velasquez’s case is hanging in the balance as he is called upon in the next hearing that is due on January 2023.


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