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Caleb Plant Embraces Underdog Role Ahead of David Benavidez Fight

Caleb Plant Embraces Underdog Role Ahead of David Benavidez Fight

Caleb Plant has never shied away from being the underdog, and he’s certainly embracing that role as he prepares for his upcoming fight against WBC interim champion David Benavidez. Despite previously holding the IBF crown and defending it three times before losing to Canelo Alvarez, Plant is still considered by many to be biting off more than he can chew.

For Plant, however, the idea that he will wilt under the pressure of Benavidez is a predictable narrative that he’s heard before. He’s used to coming into big fights with little to no expectations of winning and sees this as an advantage.

“I like taking on the title as an underdog,” said Plant during a recent interview. “I feel like that’s something that I’ve been in not just my career but my life.”

Plant has proven himself before when the odds were against him, such as in his 2019 fight against Jose Uzcategui, where he dropped the former titlist multiple times before cruising to a unanimous decision victory.

His background and the struggles he faced growing up have made him resilient and determined to prove that anyone, regardless of their upbringing or appearance, can achieve great things.

“Showing the world that just because you may come from a certain place or look a certain way, that doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish great things,” said Plant.

As he prepares to face off against Benavidez, Plant remains confident and focused, embracing the role of the underdog and determined to prove his doubters wrong once again.


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