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Canelo's 2024 Power Play: Facing Charlo and Crawford in Epic Title Defenses

According to reports, Canelo Alvarez is preparing for two significant championship defences in 2024: a high-profile fight with Terence Crawford in September and a May matchup with Jermall Charlo. In the boxing world, there has been a lot of hype about these contests, which are anticipated to stream on Amazon Prime PPV.

Canelo Alvarez in a contemplative pose, with a background hinting at his upcoming high-stakes fights against Jermall Charlo and Terence Crawford, raising questions about the outcomes of these epic battles.
Canelo's Next Challenge: Will He Triumph Against Charlo and Crawford in 2024?

On May 4th, the Cinco de Mayo holiday, Jermall Charlo (33-0, 22 KOs), who has never lost, is scheduled to take on Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs), according to Salvador Rodriguez of ESPN Knockout. Since Charlo has established himself as one of the best fighters in his weight class, this showdown is eagerly awaited.

The battle between Canelo and welterweight champion Terence Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) in September is the more unexpected news. In order to fight Canelo for the super middleweight belts, Crawford, who has never competed at 168 pounds, would have to go up three weight classes. There have been questions raised by this choice, which favours a more profitable PPV attraction over other worthy competitors.

Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford facing each other, embodying the anticipation of their potential fight, a meeting of boxing titans in the ring.
Dream Matchup: Canelo Alvarez and Terence Crawford Poised for a Legendary Showdown

Crawford's selection as a rival appears to be motivated by financial concerns. A well-known rival like as Crawford may bring in a sizable amount of pay-per-view revenue for Canelo's two remaining fights under his PBC deal, making the investment in Canelo's contract worthwhile.

David Benavidez, the WBC interim 168-pound champion, is left out in the cold by this development. Benavidez is a worthy opponent, yet it seems like he being passed up to take on Canelo. Although the causes are yet unknown, it appears that Benavidez could want to reevaluate his choices and perhaps move up in weight class.

It may be time for Benavidez to accept defeat and give up on fighting Canelo. He could be able to fight opponents more suited to his stature and quit straining to make weight for the super middleweight class by moving up to light heavyweight or cruiserweight.

The possible 2024 bouts between Canelo and Terence Crawford and Jermall Charlo demonstrate how the professional boxing industry is always changing and driven by commerce. The boxing world anxiously anticipates these thrilling fights as Canelo takes on elite opponents.

How do you feel about Canelo's alleged bouts with Terence Crawford and Jermall Charlo? What outcome do you anticipate for these matches? Please share your observations and forecasts.


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