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Chito Vera Challenges O'Malley: 'I'll Put Him Out Before the Bell Rings'

In the fiery world of UFC rivalries, Chito Vera's latest remarks during the Noche UFC Q&A have thrown gasoline on the flames. After becoming the first to hand Sean O'Malley a loss in 2020, Vera has been eagerly anticipating a rematch. However, since O'Malley claimed the UFC bantamweight title, he seems to have gone silent regarding their potential bout.

Vera's frustration was palpable when he said, "I guess when you're a champion, you can call the shots." Despite O'Malley initially suggesting Vera as his first title defense, there has been no confirmation.

Both fighters have seen remarkable success in the bantamweight division since their first encounter. O'Malley is now the reigning champion, while Vera is ranked No. 6, fresh off a unanimous decision win. Nevertheless, Vera remains confident that a rematch would yield the same result.

"I just keep getting better," Vera asserted. "If I can improve a little bit from where I was in the fight before, that's all I need to be. He's a good fighter, but I'm going to kick his ass again."

With unshakable conviction, Vera even offered a prediction for their rematch: "I'm going to put him out before the bell rings." His words undoubtedly add excitement to the possibility of this anticipated showdown. MMA fans will be eagerly awaiting developments in this fiery feud.


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