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Christine Ferea to defend BKFC title against ex-champion Bec Rawlings in April

Get ready for a fierce showdown between two of the fiercest female fighters in the Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)! Reigning BKFC featherweight champion Christine Ferea will put her title on the line against former champion Bec Rawlings in April.

Earlier, Ferea was scheduled to defend her flyweight championship on February 17 at KnuckleMania, the main event of the promotion. It was originally scheduled for the third version of this yearly spectacular to pit "Misfit" against Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang, an undefeated bare-knuckle boxer, and former WBC gloved boxing champion.

Unfortunately, that match will not take place, as a while back the promotion's President said that Ferea had been shifted to BKFC's second quarter of 2023 program. In a video statement, Feldman said:

“What’s up, everyone? I’ve got some updates for KnuckleMania. Unfortunately, Christine Ferea will not be fighting Usanakorn (Thawilsuhannawang) on that card. But we do have Christine Ferea will defend her championship against Bec Rawlings in April. Don’t forget to tune in to the biggest show in BKFC history, KnuckleMania 3 next Friday, February 17th.”

Ferea has made a name for herself with her relentless pace and powerful striking. On her way to being crowned BKFC champion, Ferea has emerged as a battering ram in her most recent matches. She beat Calista Silgado, Calie Cutler, and Britain Hart-Beltran before destroying Taylor Starling in her most recent match in August of last year.

Rawlings, a seasoned fighter, is a well-rounded competitor with a reputation for her grappling skills and durability. After only a short time in Bellator MMA, Rawlings will make her second appearance after re-signing with BKFC. Although getting 3-0 with the promotion, Rawlings suffered her maiden setback in bare-knuckle competition when she lost a tight decision against Hart-Beltran upon her comeback.

Even before BKFC created its very own titles, Rawlings retained the Police Gazette as well as World Boxing Foundation Latin America championships. The former champion is eager to reclaim her title and establish herself once again as one of the top female fighters in the BKFC.

Expect a no-holds-barred battle as these two warriors clash in the ring. With their unyielding spirit and knockout power, Ferea and Rawlings are guaranteed to bring the heat and leave everything in the ring. This is a high-stakes fight that you won't want to miss!

The winner of this explosive encounter will cement their place as one of the top female fighters in the BKFC and set the stage for future title defenses and high-profile matchups. Get ready for a bare-knuckle brawl like no other when Ferea and Rawlings step into the ring in April!


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