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Claressa Shields Edges Past Kelsey DeSantis in Nail-Biting PFL vs. Bellator Bout

Claressa Shields and Kelsey DeSantis during the fight
Claressa Shields vs. Kelsey DeSantis

In a tension-filled showdown at the PFL vs. Bellator event, Claressa Shields narrowly clinched victory over Kelsey DeSantis, escaping what could have been a monumental upset. 

As a multiple-time boxing world champion and Olympic gold medalist, Shields entered the octagon as the clear favorite. However, DeSantis proved to be a formidable opponent, pushing Shields to her limits in a thrilling encounter that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

From the opening bell, Shields showcased her striking prowess, delivering a ferocious overhand right that set the tone for the bout. Despite DeSantis' resilience, Shields dominated the early exchanges, landing hard combinations and asserting control in the clinch.

However, DeSantis refused to back down, launching her offense and securing takedowns to keep Shields on the defensive. In a display of determination, Shields weathered the storm, showcasing her resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity.

As the rounds progressed, both fighters continued to trade blows, with DeSantis mounting a spirited comeback in the later stages of the fight. Despite mounting pressure from her opponent, Shields dug deep, showcasing her defensive skills and evading submission attempts.

In the end, Shields emerged victorious with a razor-close split decision, improving her professional MMA record to 2-1. While DeSantis may have fallen short in this bout, her valiant effort and tenacity earned her respect and admiration from fans and critics alike.

With this hard-fought victory, Shields reaffirms her status as a rising star in the world of MMA, while DeSantis demonstrates her resilience and fighting spirit in the face of formidable opposition.


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