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Claressa Shields reveals plans to return to the PFL

Claressa Shields, the dominant force in women's boxing, is set to make a surprising return to the world of MMA. The two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-division champion boxer has revealed her plans to step back into the cage and compete in the PFL.

Shields, often regarded as the pound-for-pound best female boxer on the planet, holds an illustrious record of 13-0 in her professional boxing career. She made history by capturing all four major titles in two different divisions simultaneously, a feat unmatched by any other boxer, male or female. With her recent unanimous decision victory over Savannah Marshall, Shields solidified her dominance in the super middleweight category.

Not content with conquering the world of boxing alone, Shields had previously ventured into the realm of MMA. In 2021, she showcased her versatility by winning her MMA debut with a knockout against Brittney Elkin. Despite a setback in her next fight, a decision loss to Abigail Montes, Shields remains determined to improve and challenge herself in new ways.

During an interview on The MMA Hour, Shields confirmed her ongoing discussions with the PFL. The prospect of returning to the cage excites her, and she expressed her eagerness to step up her game.

While her upcoming bout against Maricela Cornejo in her hometown of Detroit may be her last boxing match for the time being, Shields is hopeful that negotiations with the PFL will yield positive results.

“I’m dangerous, whether it’s in a boxing ring or in a cage,” Claressa Shields stated on The MMA Hour. “I would like to do MMA again. We are in talks with the PFL right now, to see what the plan is. But I would like to be given the right amount of time to train and learn the craft of MMA. To have a solid team behind me.”

She continued, “I’ve just been winging it, you know… I just want to learn those arts because I’m far behind the other girls. But my boxing gives me a little lift, but if I can’t be on my feet I have to figure out something else to do. I just want to learn those arts to where I have a better chance at winning.

“I’m not afraid to do MMA, I’ve already done it. I like to win.”

If all goes according to plan, fight fans could witness the return of one of the most decorated boxers ever to grace the MMA scene. Claressa Shields' extraordinary achievements in boxing make her a formidable force in any combat sport. Her decision to venture into MMA while at the peak of her career demonstrates her unyielding thirst for new challenges and opportunities.

Will she seamlessly transition her boxing prowess into the world of mixed martial arts? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—Claressa Shields is an athlete who knows no bounds when it comes to her pursuit of greatness.


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