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Conor McGregor hasn’t re-enrolled in the USADA testing pool despite the TUF announcement

Conor McGregor has expressed his desire to compete again on social media. But besides plenty of his open cockiness, he still needs to finish several tasks in order to resume fighting.

The former two-division champion has recently announced his return to the octagon. He is set to participate in the new season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show as coach against Michael Chandler. Prior to the year's conclusion, a match between the lightweights is anticipated in addition to the coaching position.

McGregor still must re-join the UFC's anti-doping program, a requirement for all UFC fighters, which demands six months of drug testing before a fighter is permitted to contest once again.

“As we’ve confirmed before, as of today, Conor McGregor has not been reenrolled in the USADA testing pool, which he would have to be in for a minimum of six months and have at least two negative tests prior to any competition,” United States Anti-Doping Agency representatives said in a statement to MMA Fighting.

“For all the obvious reasons, coaches are not in our testing pool and there is no requirement for him or other coaches to be in the testing pool just to coach. If there is eventually a plan for the coaches to fight each other, then he would have to be in the testing pool at least six months and have two negative tests before any fight.”

USADA is responsible for conducting drug tests on UFC fighters to ensure a level playing field and prevent performance-enhancing drug use. Fighters who have not re-enrolled in the testing pool are not eligible to compete in the UFC.

Many fans and experts are speculating on the reasons for McGregor’s delay in re-enrolling in the USADA testing pool. Some believe that he may be trying to negotiate a better deal with the UFC. Whatever the reason, the interruption has caused some concern among fans. The UFC has a strict policy against performance-enhancing drugs, and many fans are worried that McGregor may be using banned substances to enhance his performance as he has recently bulked up and looks fresh to make a debut in the welterweight division.

Despite the speculation, it’s important to remember that McGregor has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Until he fails a drug test or is officially sanctioned by the UFC, we cannot jump to conclusions about his motivations for not re-enrolling in the USADA testing pool.

The six months of compulsory testing can be waived for fighters; however, McGregor will still have adequate time to re-enter the pool before his next fight. The upcoming series of The Ultimate Fighter, which will begin on May 30 and last until August 15, is anticipated to begin production soon. The following battle between McGregor and Chandler has not yet been set on a specific date.

If McGregor submits at least two negative tests during six months of necessary examination, he may rejoin the UFC's anti-doping program as late as March and contest in September.


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