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Conor Mcgregor: 'Michael Chandler is getting kicked in the head'

Conor McGregor has bad intentions in store for Michael Chandler.

The former two-division UFC Champion hasn’t fought since UFC 264, where he broke his leg in a loss to bitter rival Dustin Poirier. After two years away from the Octagon, McGregor is making his comeback against the very dangerous Chandler.

Despite not having a date yet for their upcoming fight, ‘Mystic Mac’ has already attempted to predict the future against Chandler. McGregor believes his kicks will be the key to a very violent victory versus ‘Iron’ Mike.

“The greatest return in combat sports this is going to be,” McGregor told Megan Olivi in an interview. “I’m gonna kick this guy in the head. He’s just tailor-made for being kicked all over the place, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

“I’m aiming to wrap this steel bar around the opponent. You’re gonna see a visual of the leg hanging off, and then you’re going to see a visual of the head hanging off. So I’m excited for that and I’m motivated for that. Steady, making my way towards it. “

Having no shortage of options to choose from, McGregor explains why Chandler is the right opponent for his return fight.

“He’s put on some exciting fights,” McGregor said of Chandler. “He’s eager, he’s willing to fight. He’s a gamer, you’d call him. He’s not a bad fighter either, so I’m happy with the opponent. I don’t actually care. I accepted this [The Ultimate Fighter] show — it was me and Chandler. Again, it doesn’t bother me.”


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