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Dagestan Fight Culture

Dagestan, officialy - the Republic Of Dagestan. Is a Republic of Russia. Dagestan translates to - "Land of mountains." That's exactly what it is and partially why it produces some of the best fighters in the world, if not THE BEST. Vice reporter Alzo Slade did a piece on Dagestan fighters and their training routines. What he learned is they train relentlessly.

Their workout routine involves waking up as the sun rises. To then run 1-2 miles across rugged mountain terrain, with high altitudes that test your cardio. Running across icy water and anything in their way. They then do pad striking for about an hour, have breakfast and a nap. They then hike for miles up the mountain and wrestle at it's peak.

Wrestling is kind of like a way to keep Dagestan's youth away from extremism that has plagued the country. So the Olympic gold medalists and world champion fighters from there, are very big on giving back to their community and bringing youth into the wrestling.

Alzo Slade heavily noticed how enriched these people are with their culture. How important it is for them to give back and keep the youth out of trouble. It's awesome to see. To them fight culture is more than just sports. It's staying alive. Staying out of trouble. Giving the next generation something to look forward to.

It's no secret that top competitors in combat sports are hailing from Dagestan. With the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov and his posse. If you want to train like no other, truly put yourself to the test, and become the worlds best. It seems Dagestan is where you want to train and the type of fight culture you want to embrace.


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