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Dana White Claims Power Slap Outshines Taylor Swift in Views

Dana White Claims Power Slap has more views
Dana White

In an unexpected revelation, UFC CEO Dana White has boldly claimed that Power Slap, his controversial pet project, has amassed more views than any Taylor Swift video ever posted.

Power Slap has been White’s passion project for the past few years, hosting a series of events under the brand. The sport, which involves competitors slapping each other with full force, has generated considerable buzz online. Many clips have gone viral, captivating audiences who are often bewildered by the concept of this legalized competition.

White is no stranger to hyping up his ventures, and Power Slap is no exception. Despite not being as massive as the UFC, White has invested significant resources and attention into the brand, aiming to elevate its status in the sports world.

In a recent interview on the FLAGRANT podcast, White shared some staggering statistics about Power Slap’s reach and popularity.

“What if I did this, made it an actual sport, got it sanctioned, and put good production value behind it?” White recalled his initial thoughts upon witnessing his first slap match. “The answer is f—kin’ billions of views. Billions of views globally."

White elaborated on Power Slap’s digital dominance:

“Think about this. We started this thing 15 months ago, right? Right now, on YouTube, we got more subscribers than NHL (National Hockey League), MLS (Major League Soccer), NASCAR (racing), PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association), Barstool Sports. We have over a billion YouTube views. Eight of the top 12 largest YouTube shorts against other major sports are Power Slap. Four of the top five largest YouTube shorts on UFC’s channel. We’re No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 on UFC. When you think about Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, all the big stars, this thing absolutely dominates. We have more followers than every single professional sport. Every professional sports team, we have more followers than them in 15 months. I don’t know about the soccer teams, but I would say yes.”

In his most audacious claim, White stated, “We have more viewers than any Taylor Swift video ever posted.” This assertion underscores his confidence in Power Slap’s viral potential and widespread appeal.

White’s claims may be met with skepticism, but they highlight the surprising reach and popularity of Power Slap. As the sport continues to grow, it will be interesting to see if it can sustain its momentum and live up to the lofty comparisons set by its founder.


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