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Dana White Exposes Conor McGregor's Achilles Heel!

UFC CEO Dana White recently discussed the challenges of working with Conor McGregor, highlighting the fighter's issue with punctuality as his main criticism. McGregor, known for his charismatic persona and fighting prowess, has been teasing a return to the octagon, but no official announcement has been made yet.

Dana White

White, in an interview, praised McGregor as an "incredible partner" but expressed frustration over his tendency to be late.

"If Conor showed up to things on time, there wouldn’t be one f***ing bad thing I could say about Conor," White stated.

Despite this criticism, White emphasized McGregor's professionalism in other aspects, particularly his willingness to step in and fight on short notice without demanding additional compensation. "Conor McGregor never did that kind of chicken st, you know, bullst kind of stuff," White added.

McGregor and White have had a lucrative partnership over the years, with the Irish fighter being one of the biggest draws in UFC history. However, McGregor's punctuality remains a point of contention for White, who believes that if McGregor could improve in this area, he would be an even greater asset to the promotion.


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