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Dana White: "Laura Sanko is the Ronda Rousey of Commentary"

Earlier this year, Laura Sanko made history when she became the first woman in the modern UFC era to provide commentary for an event. However, her journey didn't stop there. At UFC 293, she broke new ground once again by becoming the first female lead commentator for a UFC pay-per-view event.

Dana White, known for his keen eye in spotting talent and potential, did not hold back in expressing his admiration for Sanko's work. He lauded her as a "phenomenal commentator" and drew parallels between her and the legendary Ronda Rousey, highlighting the impact she is poised to have on both the sport and the women aspiring to succeed in it.

White was quick to recognize Sanko's dedication and relentless work ethic. He emphasized that one of the key elements to success in life is having a clear sense of purpose and working tirelessly to achieve it. In Sanko, White sees the embodiment of this principle. Her rapid rise within the UFC commentary team is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for the sport.

During the Contender Series, Sanko's dedication and knowledge of the fighters were on full display. Even UFC veteran Daniel Cormier, who shared a flight with White, was impressed by Sanko's thorough preparation and her ability to outshine her colleagues in meetings. She left no stone unturned, studying every fighter on the card and watching every available fight footage, proving herself to be a consummate professional.

Sanko is acutely aware of the significance of her role in breaking barriers for women in the world of UFC commentary. She sees herself as the "Ronda Rousey of commentating," recognizing that she is a trailblazer in her own right, carrying the banner for women seeking to enter this traditionally male-dominated field. Her commitment to excellence and her dedication to being the best she can possibly be serve as an inspiration to aspiring female commentators.

Since her debut as a commentator on the Contender Series, Laura Sanko has remained resolute in her determination to call UFC fights. Not only has she garnered praise and support from UFC fans worldwide, but she also has the full validation of Dana White himself. As she continues to break down barriers and redefine the role of women in UFC commentary, Laura Sanko's journey promises to be an inspiring one, marking a significant step forward for women in the world of sports broadcasting.

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