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Dana White's Jabs at PFL's Ticket Sales: A Look at the Competitive Landscape Post-UFC 300

Dana White hits on PFL
UFC CEO Dana White

In the aftermath of UFC 300's resounding success, Dana White, the UFC's outspoken CEO, didn't hold back in addressing the competitive landscape, particularly taking jabs at PFL's ticket sales strategy.

The post-fight press conference, brimming with celebratory energy after a historic event, took a sharp turn when the mention of Bellator, now under PFL's umbrella, entered the conversation. White, known for his candid remarks, scoffed at the notion of UFC venturing into Hawaii due to infrastructure concerns, contrasting it with Bellator's past ventures there.

When informed about PFL's recent event in Las Vegas, White couldn't resist a quip, dubbing them "PFL-ator" and highlighting their ticket sales promotion: 

"They were selling tickets buy two, get two free. You’re having a bad f****** week if those are the memos you’re putting out."

While White clarified he wasn't intentionally disparaging, the mention of PFL's promotional email underscored the contrasting fortunes between UFC's sold-out arenas and PFL's ticket sales challenges.

PFL's upcoming event in Chicago, offering a similar ticket deal, reflects an industry-wide challenge in filling seats, contrasting UFC's lucrative gate revenue of $16.5 million at UFC 300, showcasing the immense draw of the UFC brand.

The competitive banter between Dana White and PFL's strategies sheds light on the complexities and challenges of promoting MMA events, where ticket sales tactics play a crucial role in filling arenas and generating revenue.


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