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David Benavidez's Rise Draws Attention Across Divisions

David Benavidez's reputation as a force to be reckoned with extends beyond the super middleweight division, capturing the interest of fans and fighters across multiple weight classes. Dmitry Bivol, the current WBA light heavyweight titleholder, is among those closely monitoring Benavidez's career.

In 2023, Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) delivered two standout performances that caught the attention of the boxing world. His thrilling battle against Caleb Plant marked a spectacular start to the year, followed by a commanding victory over Demetrius Andrade, demonstrating his prowess as a top contender in the super middleweight division.

Despite facing adversity earlier in his career due to opponents avoiding him, Benavidez has remained determined and open to challenges. His recent triumph over Andrade showcased his ability to adapt and dominate in the ring. Bivol, known for his reserved demeanor, acknowledged Benavidez's talent, stating, "He’s a good fighter. I respect him."

However, Benavidez's future in the super middleweight division seems limited as he considers a move to the light heavyweight class. Bivol, aware of the potential challenge posed by Benavidez, has observed the latter's interest in facing him. While Bivol remains focused on his upcoming fight against Lyndon Arthur, he recognizes Benavidez as a formidable opponent who could make waves in the 175-pound division.

Should Benavidez decide to move up in weight, Bivol anticipates that the rest of the division will take notice, acknowledging the threat Benavidez could pose to light heavyweight contenders. Bivol's measured response reflects the growing anticipation surrounding a potential clash between these two talented fighters, highlighting Benavidez's impact beyond his current weight class.


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