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De La Hoya slams Mayweather for criticism on Ryan Garcia

For his opinions on Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, Floyd Mayweather has been called a "f***ing dumbass" by Oscar De La Hoya.

On April 22, two young, unbeaten boxers will square off in Sin City at a catchweight of 136 pounds in what could end up being the biggest boxing match of 2023.

In their respective teams, Davis and Garcia each have very illustrious members, and now that the promotion is well underway, the trash talking has started.

Recently, a video of Mayweather disputing the boxers' stardom was making the rounds. The 50-0 retired professional insisted there was no meaningful comparison.

“Tank got his followers from kicking ass. Ryan Garcia got his from YouTubers. There’s a difference. So you wanna be a YouTuber, or you wanna be a fighter? Tank is a fighter.”

Similar to Mayweather, De La Hoya is a multiple weight world champion. He responded to the video by underlining his opponent's exhibition career.

“So Ryan Garcia’s not a fighter? He’s been fighting since he was six years old. He has 200+ amateur fights.

“I don’t care where his followers come from, if they come from f***ing Mars, the fact is his followers are selling this fight.

And plus, don’t you remember you fought YouTubers? Are you putting YouTubers down? You profited from them. I can’t with you dude, you’re a f***ing dumbass. I can’t wait. April 22, Ryan Garcia’s f***ing knocking out Tank Davis.”

It doesn't matter that Mayweather and "Tank" are currently having a difficult and tumultuous relationship because we were once his protégé.

Given that he and De La Hoya fought in 2007, far before exchanging these jabs outside of the ring, it adds still another level of drama to the contest.

That evening in Las Vegas, Mayweather won the super welterweight world championship in what turned out to be the most lucrative boxing match of its time.

All those involved in the commercial side of things will be pleased if the Davis-Garcia card even approaches that level of success. But for the fighters, the victory is everything.


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