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Deontay Wilder urges Andy Ruiz to get the fight done between the two

Deontay Wilder, a heavyweight, is putting pressure on Andy Ruiz to set up a matchup between two former world champions.

The WBC ordered Wilder and Ruiz to fight in a final world title eliminator last year, with the winner earning a shot at Tyson Fury, the reigning champion.

Wilder wants to accept a stopgap fight in August or September even though he is in discussions to face Anthony Joshua in December.

The dangerous puncher explained that Ruiz is dragging his feet at signing a contract.

"We offered you a lot of money and I think you should take it,' Wilder said.

"I don’t want you to allow others to dictate your career at this moment in time bro. You only have a limited time left to make as much money as you possibly can. Don’t allow others to interfere with this, you make the decision. It wouldn’t be fair to you or your kids if you miss out on zeros if you allow others to interfere. Think about it bro. Let’s get this thing done, signed, sealed and delivered. I am sick and tired of waiting around, let’s give the people what they are asking for and what they want. Enough is enough, the ball is in your court now."

Since finishing Robert Helenius in one round in October, Widler has not competed. Ruiz has been out for a little while longer; in September, he defeated Luis Ortiz by unanimous decision after twelve rounds.


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